# Writing Samples

At Poly, I work on new and existing products writing release notes, administrator guides, user guides, API guides, and various other compliance-driven documentation. While I work on documentation, a large part of my role is leading the team and the overall video documentation strategy.

At HPE, I authored hardware and software release notes, administrator guides, user guides, update guides, setup overviews, and firmware compatibility matrices.

At both Poly and HPE, I worked on additional internal projects and served on work streams. I included some of these projects in Projects.

Use the links below to view writing samples from Poly and HPE.

# Poly

At Poly, I've worked on both voice and video products. My first product was the CCX business media phone working on all required documentation. Currently, I work on high-visibility video products and occasionally help with new voice products.

I've included a few work samples for products currently on the market.

# Poly CCX Business Media Phones with UC Software

Helping launch CCX business media phones was my first project at Poly.

Writing sample

# Hewlett Packard Enterprise

# HPE Synergy

For this program, I redesigned a Start Here poster, a cabling guide, and software release content. To complete this project, I worked directly with the engineering team in the lab and had access to the product's virtual test environment.

Writing sample

# HPE Synergy Cabling Guide

In addition to the poster, I worked on the HPE Synergy Cabling Guide. When I took the guide over, we provided one incomplete cabling diagram for each cabling scenario. Working with the product team, I created a step-by-step cabling guide to add clarity and simplify the cabling process.

I worked on various components of the HPE Synergy project, but the frame link module was my main product. I joined the team after the initial launch, quickly learning the product and becoming an information lead. After getting up to speed, I noticed the same terminology was being used for the CLI management tool for multiple components. I worked with the team to update the terminology database and reduce customer confusion.

Writing sample

# HPE ProLiant DL385 Server

For this program, I work on in-the-box print deliverables and the user guide. HPE servers each have their separate guides, but there's a high percentage of reuse across the server guides. In Projects, I discuss a DITA XML template I created to reduce development time for the server documentation.

Writing sample

# ConvergedSystem 700

The ConvergedSystem product consists of various HPE hardware components and software from multiple other companies. ConvergedSystems is a complex product requiring the team to verify that all software and firmware work together without issues. To upgrade the software or update the firmware, you must follow an exact sequence of steps across each product. Some upgrades require skipping and hopping around the system updating firmware. In these instances, I guided the team to provide the best structure for customer success. For this program, I wrote firmware and software compatibility matrices and step-by-step upgrade guides.

Writing sample

# HPE Hyper Converged 380

The Hyper Converged 380 was a new product similar to ConvergedSystems, but using only one server. I worked on the launch of this program as the writer for the user guide, compatibility matrix, and release notes. The administrator guide writer and I worked closely and met with engineers in our data center to go step by step through the procedures.

Writing sample

# Topic analysis and rewrite exercise

To demonstrate how I think when writing or updating content, I choose two existing topics to evaluate and rewrite.

Topic evaluation