# Documentation Planning and Strategy

At Poly and HPE, I participated in various work streams and department initiatives.

# Poly

# Publishing Update

Updated publishing....

Around the time I started working at Poly, they were discussing how to document third party apps running on Poly devices.

# API Documentation

Tools: Postman

Investigated software to help our team write API documentation for both video and voice. I taught other team members how to run API commands on our voice products.

Postman API Test Document

# Hewlett Packard Enterprise

# Information Architecture team

Worked performed as part of this team:

  • Provided consultation services for knowledge management writing teams on topic writing, sharing strategies, and DITA elements.
  • Created best practice guides for topic planning and topic writing.
  • Reviewed the approved the DITA DTD and updated as necessary.

# Quality team

This team evaluates support cases flagged for potential documentation issues. In one case, we identified that customers continued to call in about a particular server setup procedure. We were able to borrow the server and confirmed that the process, as documented, was unclear. We updated the guide and leading to a reduction in service calls.