# HPE Synergy Cabling guide

When I started working on this project, the first version of the HPE Synergy Cabling Guide was already published.

# Problem

Customers were calling support for issues due to improper cabling. Hardware engineering SMEs requested updates to the cabling diagrams and additional cabling scenarios to reduce service calls.

# Research

I reviewed the first version of the guide and then interviewed SMEs to access where the information gaps were and what improvements they'd like to see. The SMEs asked for:

  • More thorough explanations of limitations and requirements
  • Updated cabling diagrams to address readability
  • Additional cabling diagrams to avoid customers having to figure them out

After speaking with the SMEs, I went to the Synergy lab and walked through the cabling scenarios. I also reviewed the supported cable types, required adapters, and transceivers.

# Project

I presented a plan to show step-by-step cabling diagrams to match each step. We'd then move the complete cabling diagram to the end of the task. The SMEs and broader team approved this approach.

I made the following improvements to the guide:

  • Each cabling scenario included step-by-step cabling instructions
  • At the end of the walkthrough, a final illustration showed all the cables
  • The cabling diagrams included every component required for each scenario
  • Added additional cabling scenarios to cover all use cases

The following is an example of one of the more complex cabling diagrams. In the original guide, this cabling scenario didn't include all of the required cables.

HPE Synergy Cabling Diagram

The following three illustrations show the step-by-step cabling in the updated guide.

HPE Synergy Cabling Diagram

HPE Synergy Cabling Diagram

HPE Synergy Cabling Diagram

# Results

For this project, I wasn't able to evaluate the success of the updated guide. However, from internal audiences, I received positive feedback. I presented our Synergy documentation plan at a field engineer training session and received positive feedback from the field engineers.