Role: Documentation prime and lead writer

Tools: Oxygen and Vasont

# Poly CCX Business Media Phones

As my first program, I launched Poly's new line of phones, the CCX series. Much of the content was from existing guides as we heavily reuse content across voice documentation.

# Task-Based Administrator Guide Rewrite

Mid last year, I proposed a project to rewrite the administrator guides for our voice projects. The guides were a mix of concept and reference topics with very few tasks. Essentially, these guides only served as a reference and not a how-to. Because of this format, very few customers were viewing the guides. Instead, engineers were creating separate documents and outlining steps in external blogs.

Management sponsored the project, and we started working on it late last year. Ultimately, due to my workload, another colleague managed the project. I moved into a support role, helping convert the topics.

Here are a few chapters I worked on:

Link: Poly UC Software task-based administrator guide audio configuration

Link: Poly UC Software task-based administrator guide network configuration

# CCX with Microsoft Teams Quick Tips

The sales team approached the documentation team for help. A customer requested a quick tips document for our CCX phones with Microsoft Teams. To support the sales team, I quickly created and delivered the content.

Link: Poly CCX Business Media Phones with Teams Quick Tips